Claudia Waterbagel is the main antagonist in the film A Very Ned Movie.

Criminal life Edit

Not much is known of what Claudia did before the events of the Waterbagel Conundrum, although he has the title of "infamous" which means he was well known by the CIA for doing something bad at one point.

Events of A Very Ned Movie Edit

In A Very Ned Movie, Claudia plants explosive "keys" across the east coast of the United States and Ned Thunderzap and The Christmas Pig have to find them before they explode.

After three years of "trolling" Ned, Claudia is revealed to be Ned's cousin Mikey and is taken into jail.

Trivia Edit

  • Claudia's "profile picture" is actually a blurred picture of Den Waterbagel.
  • Despite "Claudia" being a girls name and the real identity of Claudia being a male, he is still referred to as a "he".