"Help me, God, help me! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!"

- Den during one of his "visions" in Den's First Video.

Den is an Indian teenage boy that appears as a major character in Nedverse. 

First appearance Edit

On November 5th, 2011, Den's First Video[1] was uploaded to YouTube. Den has one of his friends hold his camera for him as he shows the world his daily problems. 

Den's Problems Edit

Den has a lot of medical issues. Nothing too serious, though. But he has a lot of breakdowns. And because of that, he is bullied a lot. He is bullied occasionally throughout the week. He also has "Visions" that makes him run around and shake his head. There is one of his visions that are violent. This vision is so strong, it can push Den to the ground. He calls this vision "The Pushing Guy". Every now and then it will push him to the ground. One time when Den was sleeping, it pushed him off the bed. Den awoke with several head injures.

Ned Saves Christmas Edit

Den appeared as the deuteragonist in Ned Saves Christmas. Since the film was never completed, nothing more than Den helping Ned find Santa and the recently kidnapped Christmas Pig and Den's death, is known.

A Very Ned Movie Edit

Den doesn't make any new appearance in A Very Ned Movie, but old footage was re-used as references.

It was also revealed in the film that Ned's true family name is Waterbagel and since Den is related to Ned, this applies to him too.