Jackson the Elf is the secondary main antagonist in A Very Ned Movie (2015).

After having his home island destroyed by Dr. Zechinberg, Jackson was falsely informed by Claudia Waterbagel that the person who destroyed the island was Ned Thunderzap. After learning this, Jackson sought revenge on Ned and helped Claudia track him down.

In 2014, Jackson lost in a fight with Ned and The Christmas Pig and was locked up in jail.

Apparel Edit

Jackson wears a long dark blue trench coat along with multiple layers of clothing to protect him from the cold along with long dark pants and sneakers for quick movement.

He uses a special custom-built Candy Cane that can be used in fist fights or used as a rifle or sniper for long range fights.

He also wears a Santa hat to symbolize his origins.

Trivia Edit