Mac Thunderzap is the brother of Ned Thunderzap. Mac was born sometime between 1996-2000. Mac is known to be inconsiderate and cruel. He was a very nice boy until he went into school and met his first few friends. His "friends" were a bad influence and taught Mac how to fight and call others names.

As Mac got older he picked on Ned more and more. Both Mac and Ned's mother were cruel people and sometimes they ganged up on Ned and bullied him. But one day it went too far. Mac broke Ned's nose and deleted all of his videos on his camera.

Ned grabbed his camera and went to his room. Ned quickly made a video telling his fans what had happened. Later, Ned made a plan with the President of America, got back in touch with his father and moved to the USA with his father.

It is unknown where Mac is now or what he is doing.