Mikey is a cousin of Ned. He appeared as a minor character in Ned's videos, but in 2015 he was revealed to be Claudia Waterbagel in A Very Ned Movie.

Early Life Edit

Mikey was born sometime in 2004.

Not much is known about his childhood or how he grew up, but someone in his close family informed him of their family's past and told him the story of the Waterbagels and what Ned's side of the family had done to them.

Growing up with an ever-growing hatred towards Ned, Mikey planned a revenge scheme on him.

Due to Mikey's high intelligence, he is labeled as a child prodigy.

Friendship with Ned Edit

Mikey seemed to have a great friendship with Ned, considering they were close cousins. As seen in "Ned's Cousin Mikey" and The Lost Ned Videos - Episode I, Ned likes to joke around with Mikey and they often don't listen to each other.

Although after a shocking reveal in A Very Ned Movie (2015), these beliefs quickly changed as Mikey always had evil intentions towards Ned since their family and ancestors had a dark past.

Appearances Edit

Ned's Cousin Mikey

The Lost Ned Videos (Episode 1)

A Very Ned Movie