Ned's First Movie (2011) Edit

The first ever movie was "Ned's First Movie" which was never completed nor was it very important. The production of the first movie was only for a day and it was supposed to be about Ned and his friends being hunted by a mysterious killer although it never worked out and was never officially announced. Den was also supposed to make an appearance which would have been his first appearance in a Ned film/video.

Ned Saves Christmas (2011) Edit

The second movie was Ned Saves Christmas. This was the biggest Ned movie at the time although it was never completed due to a camera error which deleted most of the footage before it could be copied. This was later fixed by Dorkboy Productions when they created "Ned Saves Christmas: The Book" in 2014.

A Very Ned Movie (2015) Edit

As of now, the third movie is A Very Ned Movie. A Very Ned Movie is currently the biggest Ned movie and it will be released in a few months (rumored). The plot of the movie is Ned tracking down the infamous criminal Claudia Waterbagel.

Unannounced A Very Ned Movie Sequel (20??) Edit

There is a rumor that the sequel of A Very Ned Movie has been in the works since a year before the release of A Very Ned Movie although nothing is confirmed.