Ned Saves Christmas Official Poster (Ned Saves Christmas)

For the book, see Ned saves Christmas (The Book)

Ned Saves Christmas was supposed to be a 30 minute Christmas film that was supposed to be released on December 25th 2011. More than half of the film was lost but some was recovered. The reason for the the footage being lost is due to a camera malfunction.

Plot Edit

Ned Saves Christmas was supposed to be a 30 minute film made by Ned. 

On the eve of Christmas 2011, Santa Claus contacted Ned, asking for help. He was kidnapped by the evil Doctor Zechinberg and needed rescuing.  

Santa Claus sent in the Christmas Pig to help Ned on his journey.  

The two traveled and picked up clues to the whereabouts of Santa.  

After travelling to the Artic, Ned finds Zechinberg's base. Ned locates Santa and he and the Christmas Pig have a final battle with Zechinberg. Zechinberg is later defeated by Ned and arrested. In the end, everything went over well. 

Trivia Edit

  • Doctor Zechinberg's last name could be a reference/hint towards Mark Zuckerberg.
  • This was Ned's only adventure so far not to involve the President of America in the plot, although in the book he is involved.
  • The film is recorded in first person.
  • It was the first "Ned movie" to make it onto Ned's channel, despite being incomplete.