Ned Saves Christmas Sed

Sed is a major character that was featured in Ned Saves Christmas. Sed introduced himself to Ned Thunderzap as someone who "lived down the block." After a conversation with Sed, Ned left his house. Sed began to stalk him, but when Ned realized it and confronted him about it, Sed shouted into a microphone "He knows! He knows!" Ned then realized Sed was an undercover Evil Elf and ran away from him.

Ned Saves Christmas Edit

During the events of Ned Saves Christmas, Sed and his Evil Elves tracked Ned down because they heard he was going to try to save Santa, which Sed and his Evil Elves were against. Sed met Ned at Ned's front door. After a short conversation, Ned left his house and began walking down the sidewalk. Sed was following him slowly and silently. Ned grew suspicious and confronted Sed. Sed shouted into a microphone "He knows! He knows!" Ned escaped Sed which made him, and his Evil Elves later track Ned down. Since the full movie was never released, nothing is known what happens after that.

Trivia Edit

  • Sed didn't appear in the recovered footage of Ned Saves Christmas. Instead, he appeared in the unofficial trailer for A Very Ned Movie and The Lost Ned Videos Episode III.
  • He is played by the same actor who plays Den.