The Christmas Pig is a special C.I.A. agent who has worked with Ned Thunderzap on several different missions. He has made several different appearances in Ned's videos and since 2012 he has been a major character in the Nedverse.

Santa Involvement Edit

People believe that the Christmas Pig is involved with Santa due to his Christmas-like resemblance. In Ned Saves Christmas, this was confirmed due to the fact that The Christmas Pig was kidnapped with his "boss" which was Santa Claus.

Although since then, the Christmas Pig has retired with Santa and started to work with Ned and the C.I.A..

A Very Ned Movie Edit

The Christmas Pig was the second main protagonist in the film A Very Ned Movie.

Early on in the film, it is shown that Ned is not fond of the Christmas Pig, but over time the two grew to be better friends.

Friendship with Ned Edit

Since 2012, Ned and the Christmas Pig have been good friends.

In the beginning, the two did not like each other yet their paths kept crossing. After the 2011 Christmas incident, the Christmas Pig retired from working with Santa Claus and got a job with the CIA. In 2012, the President put both Ned and the Christmas Pig on the same mission together and they ended up defeating Claudia Waterbagel.

Trivia Edit

  • In Episode I of The Lost Ned Videos, The Christmas Pig is shown for the very first time with Ned.
  • During the third and final part of Ned goes to Virginia, Ned meets up with the Christmas Pig, and ever since then, the latter has appeared frequently with Ned.