The Ghosts of Ned's House

The Ghost of Ned's House, also known as just "The Ghost" is a ghost that has haunted Ned's house (Mostly just Ned's room) for two-three years.


After a long absence of activity, The Ghost returned in early 2014. Ned uploaded a video, (Ned tracks down the ghost in his room), to his YouTube account on March 8th, 2014. In this video, Ned tries to listen for the ghost and sees what he has to say. In "Ned talks about the results of Ned tracks down the ghost in his room", Ned says that after he stopped recording the first video, he went into his kitchen to see a ghost cooking a ghost chicken. The Ghost noticed Ned and the Christmas Pig and ran right through them which knocked the two out. The next day when the awoke, they forgot everything that happened the previous night.

In late April, 2014, Ned contacted the President after recieving a strange package in the mail which contained similar glasses to that of Ned's. The President became aware of the Christmas Pig "borrowing" C.I.A. equipment to make the search for the Ghost easier and added on to their already obtained equipment. With that being said, the search was so easy, Ned made contact with the Ghost 20x quicker than before. 

When contact was made, Ned passed out along with the Christmas Pig. The two awoke the next morning to find that Ned's camera had been recording for 8 hours and that Ned's laptop had been turned on. Ned opened his laptop up and opened up an unknown file on his computer. The unknown file was a live feed with the Ghost(s). To learn more about the Ghosts, please read below.

Parallel NedEdit

Parallel Ned is the first and main parallel Ned in the Nedverse. Parallel Ned is similar to Ned in many ways such as personality and intelligence.

In 2011, Parallel Ned formed the Alliance with Crazy Ned and Gibberish Ned. The Alliance is the search for other Neds in other universes and to team up with them to protect their universes and others.

Crazy NedEdit

Crazy Ned has some possible mental problems and he is the one who killed Ned (on accident) in Ned Saves Christmas on Christmas Eve 2011. Parallel Ned states that once you get to know Crazy Ned more, the more you'd like him since he starts off a little creepy. 

Gibberish NedEdit

Not much is known about Gibberish Ned since all he does is have his camera pointing to the ceiling and making a deep "Lululu" sound.