On Ned's channel, The World of Ned, there are several seasons which divide his videos up.

Classic Ned (2011) Edit

Season 1, more commonly referred to as "Classic Ned" are the earlier videos of Ned and the unofficial first season of The World of Ned.

Season 2 (2012-2013) Edit

Season 2 is not really an official season nor is it referred to as a season, instead it's the set of videos between Classic Ned and Season 3.

Season 3 (2014) Edit

Season 3 revolves around Ned's investigation of The Ghost of Ned's House.

Season 4 (2016) Edit

Season 4 mostly revolves around Ned's 2016 presidential election run.

Season 5 (2017) Edit

Season 5 of The World of Ned is set to begin in February 2017.