The World of Ned is the name given by Ned Thunderzap to his YouTube channel. Although, "The World of Ned" can mean several different things.

For example: The World of Ned can mean Ned's YouTube channel, a nickname for Ned as seen at the end of The Quest for The Lost Orange or even the name of this very Wikia.

Channel Edit

The World of Ned is Ned Thunderzap's YouTube channel.

On this channel, Ned has posted his usual videos and his movies Ned Saves Christmas and A Very Ned Movie.

As of September 2016, The World of Ned has 74 videos and 64 subscribers.

Channel Trivia:

  • The most viewed video of The World of Ned is A Very Ned Movie which has over 150 views.

Nickname Edit

Ned said to Ronald McDonald in The Quest for The Lost Orange [Part 3] " can never mess with The World of Ned!!!"

The nickname hasn't been used that much so it is unknown if Ned called himself "The World of Ned" on only that occasion or if it's just rare and happens every now and then.

Wikia Edit

The World of Ned Wikia (Sometimes just known as The World of Ned wiki), is the wiki that holds all the information of Ned! This wiki contains information about Ned's past, family, friends and stores tons of trivia!